Sunday, February 15, 2009

Want to shout to the whole world!

I just thought I would share my excitement. The more I think about all the possibilities and all of the changes we have seen already in our biomedical journey, I just want to scream with joy at the top of my lungs, sharing it with the whole world!! Sound crazy? That is really how excited I am. When I think back to the days of tantrums and screaming and even just the days of watching Grayson shrug his shirts all day or pull on the waistbands of his pants, because they bothered him or swatting at his head (which we have learned how to manage and remove completely!!) I just can't get over how real this all is. We are REALLY healing him and watching the miraculous changes before our very eyes. Sure, we still have tantrums and mood swings, probably because we have a long road of mercury removal still ahead of us, but the changes have been nothing shy of a miracle thus far! For ANYONE who thinks they might even POSSIBLY be dealing with something similar I encourage you with all of my heart, and then some, please for the sake of you and your children, try making some changes to see if you see results. Even if they are minimal, chances are that means you NEED to treat biomedically. Yes, it's hard work and yes, some days are frustrating (ok, many) but the rewards are immesurable! Dave and I couldn't be happier with where we are headed and how far we have come already in just half a year. Our goal is to have Grayson compeletely healed and eating normal foods, sharing normal play dates and minimizing his frustrations by the time he is in Kindergarden. We hope to have all of this behind us and focusing on normal everyday kid stuff like birthday parties and play dates!

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