Monday, February 23, 2009

Gearing up to remove some pesty mercury

Not much is going on right now, we are just gearing up to begin chelation. That involves making sure we have the right supplements all in place first. Considering we had to add a handful of things to his already large daily regimen of pills, we are taking it slow and adding them one at a time to watch for reaction. He tends to be ultra-sensitive to everything so we have to be careful about overloading him with anything too fast. We have already noticed good changes since adding a few of these new supplements which support the liver and lower copper. His hair test showed high copper and copper symptoms mirror mercury symptoms. Today he went to the museum for a school field trip outing and the whole time he was attentive, quiet, raised his hand to answer questions, he was focused and interested...he was a perfect child!! He lasted all day like this and only got a little hyper (normal child hyper) tonight before bed. We are ELATED!!! The fact that we are starting chelation so far ahead of the game has us really hoping for a quick and very successful process. Many people have watched their non-verbal children start to speak through chelation, the effects of removing mercury can be utterly amazing!! That is an extreme case though. One of the members of a message board I belong to told us that they were able to remove supplements completely and have no more diet restrictions after chelation. I will never again take normalcy for granted and if we end up there again, every normal day will be a gift! I have high hopes, wish us luck!!

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