Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good times

It's when we have infractions that I am reminded of why we work so hard at this diet. I often forget how wild those days can be, much like pre-diet was. Infractions can last two to three days, as we have experienced so far. It makes me want to fine-tune his diet even more! The days when he is back to his baseline he is a perfect, sweet, mellow, charming dream child! He is better than perfect, his smart and silly side shines through - oh and did I say MELLOW! That deserves being said twice.

So many people say that they don't know how I do it, they couldn't, but I disagree. I think when faced with something you have the ability to control, especially when it comes to your child, you can do anything. Any mother I know would throw themselves under a train for their child, doesn't that make a simple diet sound appealing? I personally would rather read a few labels and avoid eating out as much (which is unhealthy for us all anyway) to keep my child healthy.

On the topic of eating out, we don't do it nearly as much as we used to, however, we do still eat out. We just plan ahead and bring food with us. Sometimes, if we want to run out spur of the moment, we just grab a few frozen pancakes (his favorite meal), toast them up and take them in a cooler with us. Then at the restaurant, we order him a side of broccoli to go with them. It's important to make sure the veggies are just steamed and plain. We even bring our own water, since many restaurants use lemon and he can't have citrus. He's very impatient, so he usually eats his pancakes before we even get our food, then he's left sitting there with a massive bowl of broccoli, must look funny to people around us. It's not often you come across a three year old gobbling up a whole bowl of just broccoli, ha ha ha.

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