Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RECIPE - Absolutely tasty nut butter

I have always enjoyed making nut butters, but I think this is my tastiest creation ever and SO easy! I just HAD to share it. Now, keep in mind something about me, I just don't like to measure, I prefer to wing-it and taste as I go along, so I am going to do my best to tell you how much of each ingredient to use, but please taste your creation as you follow along and tweek to your own preferences. We like salty nut butters, but use Himalayan sea salt since it has no negative effects, only beneficial, so we like to add a little more than a little, he he he.

We use a 7-cup food processor for this recipe

about a pound of raw unsalted cashews
1/2-1 cup of raw walnuts
I toss in about 5-6 Brazil nuts for added selenium, but this is optional
Grapeseed oil (you can use virgin coconut oil too which is a great preservative and adds a little sweetness too, but Grayson is allergic to coconut so we use the Grapeseed)
about a teaspoon of Kelp with Cayenne
about a tablespoon of Himalayan sea salt
1/4 white chia seeds

All you do is basically dump in all of the ingredients (the kids love helping do this and push buttons on the food processor) with the exception of the oil. I like to add this as I go so I don't overdo it. I add maybe a tablespoon at first, then start processing and add it as it is processing. You will know when you have just enough oil by watching the consistency and the way it moves in the processor. When you have added enough (and do it really slow since it can take a while to get through grinding all the nuts) the mixture will start to flow freely, but slowly. It is nice and thick for spreading. Open it up, taste, add more of anything you want and then scrape the sides to make sure you get that staticy chia seed all into the mixture and then blend once more. It looks and tastes hearty, but has wonderful complex flavors!! YUM - enjoy!

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