Saturday, October 22, 2011

Left-sided symptoms

I am on round 14 with my chelation and it has been challenging to increase past 8.8mg of DMSA and 7.5mg of ALA.  To give you an idea of how low this is, my children are on 5mg which is even low for them, lol.  I have tried twice to go up to 12.5mg of DMSA and nausea would set in really fast.  I can handle a lot of things, but nausea isn't one of them, so I have been stuck at 8.3mg for the last 13 rounds.  I increased again for this round and FINALLY I am tolerating it!!  The only difference I have noticed so far is increased neuropathy in both feet (it used to only be one, pre-dental revision) when I first wake up in the morning.  Oh, and today I noticed a new symptom, breast pain, weird!!

I've noticed a trend in my physical symptoms, something most likely related to the largest filling in my mouth.  This filling was on my left side and I always had trouble with pain and ringing in my left ear, periodically as well as neuropathy in my left foot daily, upon waking.  Once the filling was removed, that all went away....that is, until I got closer to my "dump phase" which is when the mercury dumping spikes naturally.  Everything started picking up quite a bit around 5 months post-revision and peaked at 6 months, now it finally feels like the majority of my symptoms have subsided unless I am on or post round.  I tend to be really good while on the round, I have energy, and feel happy even though I wake up all night for my doses.  Two to three days post-round are my absolute worst days and that has yet to be revealed since my DMSA increase.

So back to the left-sided symptoms.  I began noticing that starting with my ear pain and ringing, all of my other symptoms were left-sided too:

  • Neuropathy - my left foot was the only one effected by the numbing and tingling feeling when I woke in the morning, up until about three rounds ago when my right foot joined in.  In between rounds though, I don't have it at all which is a HUGE improvement from the every day tingling and pain I was getting upon rising in the morning.  It didn't last long, but it was a sign that something was clearly not right.
  • Varicose veins - I have one large varicose vein on the inside of my left knee and it has been there since I was pregnant with Gavin.  Since starting chelation, I see many changes in the veins of my left leg.  The vein I've had for years fades between rounds and is prominent during a round.  Most recently I noticed that I would get a new one somewhere else, and it would stick around for weeks, then disappear.  They are showing up around the knee and then fading away with my rounds.  Goes to show you that our vascular system is very effected by chelation.   There are doctors who do chelation for arteriosclerosis patients.
  • Wrinkles - not your every day kind of wrinkles, but oddly placed and very distinct wrinkles.  One is on my face, under my left eye.  It's more obvious in the morning, but it's always there slightly.  It's more like a deep crease about an inch below my eye.  It looks like I slept funny on my face causing a big crease from the sheets, but it generally doesn't go away, although lately I am noticing it change in severity.  I have always also had a sleepy eye that isn't always obvious, but it shows up in pictures (2D).  The other wrinkles are a large section on my left forearm.  I remember the first time I noticed them.  I had been carrying Gavin around a lot (he was a mama's boy early on) and my arm looked like he had been held too long, an entire roadmap of itty bitty wrinkles on my arm just above my wrist, almost like how you would expect dehydrated skin to look.  At first it didn't phase me, because like I said, I thought it was from holding Gavin, but then I noticed it wasn't going away, whether I was holding him or not.  It was obviously not normal and it didn't match anything else on my body, my other arm didn't have them.  With my first round of chelation, I noticed that it disappeared completely while I was on round!  Now, like many of the other symptoms, it comes and goes with rounds.
  • Ear pain - my left ear has been a problem for as long as I can remember, in fact when I met my husband, I was having back to back ear infections, always in that ear.  Since having the dental revision done, the only time I have pain is when I am exposed to mold and luckily, it's short-lived.
  • Wrist pain - when I started taking olive leaf extract regularly for microbe and viral control during chelation, my left wrist experienced significant pain, initially.  I haven't had that pain again since, but it was pretty bad for a good week.  
  • Stiff neck - when I don't stay on top of taking my supplements regularly, I get a stiff neck on my left side.  A lot of vitamin C clears it up pretty fast and staying on my laundry list of 40+ pills a day keeps it at bay.
  • Hair - the most superficial of all of my symptoms, but possibly one of the most annoying, lol, is the left side of my hair!!  Since having Gavin my hair has gotten pretty wavy, well, all except the left side!  It's so weird.  It is even more frizzy and flat.  The right side curls right up, the left side, not so much, it just sticks out awkwardly flat.
It's clear to me that my body has been effected more on one side than the other and coincidentally it's the same side that had the majority of the metal.  The cavitation on the bottom left side was also the worst of all four.  It was right next to the filling.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a left-sider too when it comes to symptoms! I had a varicose vein running down the inside of my left knee, and whenever I got neuropathy when I ate gluten, it always appeared in my left hand/leg/scalp.

Weird. I don't think I had more mercury in the left side of my mouth, I was pretty uniform, all the molars, except for one tooth that got pulled (on the left side, of course!)