Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick or right?

The question here is, do you want to heal yourself and/or your children quickly or properly?  I see a lot of biomed moms reaching at straws, looking for the magic bullet to heal their kids TODAY.  This is some sort of a mesh between biomedicine and our brainwashed alopathic medicine way of thinking, isn't it?  We are so trained to think we can pop a pill and cure a disease overnight.  The key word there is cure....we aren't curing ANYTHING by popping a pharmaceutical pill.  What are you doing?  You are suppressing symptoms and making things worse.  If you don't get to the root of the reason for the symptom in the first place, you aren't healing or curing anything.  But this isn't the purpose of this entry, actually so I will try not to get sidetracked.  Darn hot-buttons!!

My point here is that even us biomed moms can get caught up in wanting to try anything that will heal our kids even faster.  Well, I have news for you moms, it took years for this sort of genetic mutation and environmental damage to do it's work on you (your mom, your kids) and it's going to take just a teeny weeny bit more time to heal your children from this passed on type of toxicity.

I am certainly not suggesting that anyone stop looking for ways to think outside of the box or to help your child heal faster, BUT with that said, also be prepared to just settle for the tried and true to get you through.  I spend just about every day reading, learning and researching, as well as connecting directly with other moms who are going through this very same life. The recurrent theme I see developing is that those who heal most thoroughly follow a very strict diet, they work on nutritional deficiencies and they get the metals out.....for years.  When the metals are removed, all the rest will fall into place, it's that simple really, but patience is the key, because it is going to take time.

When we first decided on low frequent dose oral chelation we were convinced that we would be doing this for a year tops and we would have our perfectly recovered healthy child at the end of the tunnel.'s been two years  (3 with biomed) and although we have come a LONG way in recovery, we still have such a very long road ahead of us.  Our children are virtually indistinguishable from their peers, but this doesn't come easily.  They are still on hoards of supplements, require special diets, and will probably require years of slow, safe detoxing.  The part to come to grips with is that this is ok.  It is going to take a lot of dedication, sacrifices, perseverance and time, but that is ok, isn't it?

A lot of people question who they should trust when it comes to chelation, DAN! doctors or Andy Cutler and here is my take on this....Andy Cutler is a biochemist, meaning he is specifically trained to know what these chemicals do in our bodies.  He understands their half-lives and how they work, not to mention the fact that he recovered himself from being horribly ill, using this very same method of chelation. How many doctors out there do you know who are chemists? None.

So next time you get the inkling to try IV chelation, because you think bigger is better or a glutathione push, because well, glutathione is low so that MUST be the problem, right?.....or you hear about some new trendy supplement that claims to cure it all, don't get caught up in the glory, just take a deep breath and remember that recovery is not a sprint, it's a marathon.


tiffiny said...

I soooo needed to read this today. B's tics have been baaad this week. Aggression is making an appearance and I'm wondering what can we do? He was doing so much better last year. But, healing is a process. A slooow process. We could very well be seeing healing in these behaviors. Yeast die off and such. Sigh. I do wish there was an easy button.

Jessica said...

Oh tiffiny,
I SO wish there was an easy button too! When we have regression, I just crumble with exhaustion and defeat. We always come out of it at some point though. It's a roller coaster, for sure, and I believe that so few people REALLY get how hard this is.

If what you are seeing is die off, try epsom salt baths and charcoal or pectin.

I find that weather changes have a huge impact on my kids and this time of year is bad for us just about every year. I am actually thinking of trying L. Theanine and BioRay's Loving Energy to address possible high Histamine levels. Have you ever looked into histamines? Check out this biomed mom's post on FB -

Selena said...

Thanks for your post, I often have to tell myself to be patient. We are on DMPS R#35 and ALA R#26. Owen has done fabulous. Recently, he's so engaging and more spontaneous language, but when I say No he continues to laugh...odd. And he'll scream when I'm talking just to spite me. I used to have a quiet withdrawn child and now I have a "wild" one. This is definately a new side I have never seen. Good news is although it's frustrating behavior, it's somewhat normal for a 3yo!

Jessica said...

I know what you mean Selena, I find myself sometimes questioning behavior that very well could be totally normal. What is normal anyway? lol