Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tick testing update

I completely forgot to provide an update on the tick testing for Lyme, Ehrlichia and Babesia.  We chose to use Quest because it is covered by insurance, but we did confirm that they use DNA PCR testing, which is preferred.

I kept checking the mailbox with excitement to know, but anxiety to know....fearing the worst and hoping for the best.  The day it came, I couldn't wait to tear that envelope open, it was like I just had a feeling.  On all accounts, "not detected" was the result!!  Happy dance!!  It doesn't mean we are in the clear, testing can be wrong, so I will keep that in the back of my mind and will always consider this an open door to Lyme disease.

This whole experience did get me thinking more though.  When he was 12 months old, we went to visit my mother in Connecticut, it was right after having him vaccinated with 4 live viruses.  When he began having odd symptoms for a month afterwards, we thought it could be the vaccinations, especially considering all the other things we have been dealing with.  But now that I think back to the details, Lyme is still a possibility!  The week before things started, I recall seeing a large red spot, not quite like a "rash" per say, but a red circle, pretty large, on his head.  It resembled the very same rash as discussed in Lyme called erythema migrans.  I wish I thought back then to take a picture of it.  It was because of this rash and all the following symptoms that we saw for an entire month that a Western Blot was ordered as part of all of his testing, which came back negative.  Now, I am learning why this isn't necessarily true.  Timing of testing after the bite is specfic and the Western Blot has high false negatives.  The symptoms that phased in and out over a month were: swollen glands (one remains swollen still to this day, on the side of his neck), various full body rashes throughout the month, fever, he wouldn't bend one knee for a day, swelling around one eye, hives and an ear infection. These symptoms literally either overlapped or were one after the other and doctors kept telling me that they were coincidental circumstances.  I think not....and now, it's probably very possible he was bit by a tick.  We never saw one, but that doesn't mean anything and there are too many symptoms that fall into place for Lyme...and then after this was when things really started to fall apart for him.  The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation has been established for very good reason.  I even learned that over 90% of autistic patients that were tested properly, have Lyme Disease.  I would love to test him properly too, but we just can't afford it right now.  It's close to $1000 for proper testing with Igenex, one of the most reputable labs who specializes in Lyme testing with the most cutting-edge technology.  It is definitely something we will be doing in the future.

In the meantime, we will be using Stephen Harrod Buhner's protocol (from the book Healing Lyme) for treatment/prevention.  I also bought a homeopathic Lyme/co-infection nosode which I can't wait to get and use on everyone!  It has also been known to help treat those with the infection already.  We will be going to the Poconos and Maine this summer, both are filled with woodsy escapades.  I also researched the many essential oils that ward off specific buggers and made my own natural bug repellant in a natural base of aloe vera and witch hazel.  We are READY!!

GREAT video from Dr. Klinghardt on autism which he attributes to Lyme and mold.


Anne said...

All the best to you all Jessica - and good thing about the news. I agree, that sounds like one hell of a stretch of coincidences - but it's always difficult to piece the puzzle together afterwards? I really wish I kept a diary, it would be so useful, often. (Most) doctors are just too busy to be of any help.

Thanks for reminding me to do the parasite cleanse again - of course I went all in and max'ed the dose in the first try, stupid but tempting :-).

Amy in Idaho said...

Tami (founder of LIA) is an amazing person. I got to attend their last conference in California - I think it was 2010 - and it was incredible. We haven't tested for Lyme here but the health and healing information is applicable to everyone I think.

The LIA conference convinced me that there was so much more to healing than what we were doing with traditional DAN supplementation protocals. I haven't looked back since!

Jessica said...

You are so right, this experience has opened my eyes even further. Even if just for the sake of prevention, much more than the usual DAN! protocol is necessary.

I would love to know more about what you guys have chosen to do. There is so much information out there.

Amy in Idaho said...

For the last year we've been doing embryonic plant stem cells, quantum neurology, rhythmic movement and now the camel milk!

One of the first things we had to do before switching to the PSCs was to stop all of the supplements for my son so we could get a baseline with bloodwork. His behavior got better just with stopping the supps LOL. All of the combos of vitamins and minerals on the DAN protocol will drive a mother into madness!!

The previous year's LIA Conference books are available for sale on their website and are quite helpful and informative. They contain most of the slides from the presenters and I think you can purchase DVDs from the 2010 conference.