Monday, December 6, 2010

I finally did it!

I made the appointment with my mercury-free dentist, yup that's right, getting these nasty MERCURY fillings removed.  And why is it that we call them silver fillings anyway, because they look silver?  Well people, news flash, they are 50% mercury!!  We all know that mercury is the most dangerous heavy metal on this planet, hey, so why not fill our TEETH with the junk, yeah, that's a great idea!!  I shake my head at doctors and dentists these days, I really do.  How on earth could this make any sense?! 

Luckily there are fabulous mercury-free dentists out there and we happen to have one right in Easton, PA!  I was terrified to repeat the dreaded drilling, by choice no less, and kept putting off my plans to have my 7 fillings (10 surfaces) replaced with a resin filling (BPA-free of course), but I feel the symptoms of the mercury poisoning increasing.  I have always been very healthy, although lately, I seem to catch every illness that crosses my path.  I am definitely fighting the same gut bugs my kids deal with daily, based on the die-off symptoms when I treat myself and I know I have the herpes simplex virus (at minimum) based on the multiple canker sores I experience so before things get out of control, I want to do some damage control and prevent future illnesses like autoimmune diseases and worse, cancer.  Yes, cancer is the result of toxic overload! 

I am putting my fears aside and, in two appointments frighteningly close together, I am having it done!!  I feel surprisingly excited too though.  The idea that I will be on a path to health....some time after I withstand the trenches of chelation, is exhilarating.  If I want my children to live this life, why wouldn't I treat myself in the same manner?  I want to be around, and healthy, for many years to come.  I want to see my children get married and have their own children.  I have plans to be one of those grandmas who can still dance, drive myself around and has style well into my 80s!!  I know, you are wondering how this little procedure is going to have such an impact, aren't can removing the silver lining in my mouth do all that for me?  What about genetics, right?  Let me just share a little piece of information with you.  A wise doctor once said, "Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger", about autism.  Autism is just a label on children who are experiencing toxic overload before their neurological development has a chance to mature.  In adults, it looks very different, but the mechanics are the same.  Alzheimers and dementia?  Heavy metal overload!  Multiple Sclerosis?  Heavy metal overload!  All these "aging" illnesses are caused by the bioaccumulation of heavy metals that we are encountering daily.  Our government does a good job of allowing more toxins than we are even capable of testing for, so how could we even know how toxic we are?  That's the point, I think!  What they don't know, doesn't hurt them.  I've chosen to take my family's health into my own hands and more people should consider the consequences of their actions. 

Think before you dump your expired prescriptions down the drain to become part of our rainwater, think before you use another disposable diaper that will take 500 years to decompose, think before you spray your yard and veggies with mercury-laden pesticides, think before you have a "silver" filling installed in your grill!  It's time for change....mine is starting with this one (ok two) small procedure.  Then I can add myself to the chelation progress blogging!  YEAY! Ugh...

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