Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The matter of choice - The harsh truth, yes, I am harsh!

Ok, so I hear this topic frequently and honestly, I'm a bit frustrated by it.  The idea of not having the choice to eat healthier.  Not having a CHOICE...?  Really people?  I understand there are some rural areas where choices really are a problem and I also understand that cost can factor into these "choices", but we do what we have to and I truly believe that, if you were faced with a tragic illness, that meant you HAD to make the choice to eat different, you would....would you not?  Where there is a will, there is a way.  And let's just say, if it was your child, you would go to the ends of the earth and you would mortgage your house over and over again, if it meant keeping him or her on this earth with you longer.  That I know.  There is no parent out there who would say, "Well, sorry kiddo, I just can't keep you healthy, I can't afford it".  We make choices to prioritize the important things in our lives, eating healthy and making good decisions for the health of our families is OUR job, it is OUR responsibility, no doctor is going to provide you with a quick fix when you or your child comes down with an autoimmune disease, celiac, diabetes, or even cancer, will they?  In fact, they don't WANT to, because they would lose their job, if they cured these illnesses, along with the drug companies and the researchers and scientists....they wouldn't have jobs either.  I didn't write this to go down that road, but you get my point.

I can't stress enough how important prevention is when it comes to the vast number of illnesses we are seeing on the rise in North America.  People, we HAVE choices, in fact, some of them SAVE you money.  When you clean with white vinegar that costs a few bucks a gallon instead of paying an arm and a leg for small dangerous bottles chemicals that each handle a different job, one for the toilet, one for the glass, one for the wood, one for the floors, one for the sink.....see where I am going with this?? Do you really think that the microbes that infest your kitchen sink are all that different from the ones on your floors, or the ones on your door knobs, or even different from your toilet microbes...unfortunately, they aren't.  Scary thought, huh?  Yes, the surfaces are different, but when you are using something natural with disinfecting abilities, it works on ALL surfaces.  If you want to save money in the long run then, keep yourself healthy and you will have less doctor co-pays, less prescription co-pays, less time out of work (if that applies)....people, buying an organic strawberry, potato, lettuce, etc, is not going to make or break the bank.  You need to be smart about your decisions, not everything you buy needs to be organic and pricey, but there definitely ARE things that should be organic.  And this isn't the only way to stay healthy.  Wash your veggies.  Clean your house smarter.  Avoid plastics.  Remove toxins.  Stop smoking (more financial savings).  Don't feed your kids or yourselves refined sugars by the boatloads (which means everything that is pre-made).  Don't eat food colorings.  Don't spray your lawns with expensive and unnecessary chemicals that you then track into your homes where your crawling baby is going to ingest them.  This is the reality of what we need to consider.  The bottom line is that living a healthier lifestyle is doable.  Yes, it means possibly researching and buying a few books or looking things up online.  Turn off the tv for a few minutes each night, do some reading... is your family's life worth it?  We plan ahead for our futures by stashing away the 401(k) money, by setting up college funds, why can't we think ahead like that for our health?  Probably because someone else isn't doing it for us.  So I hope this might kick you in the butt and encourage you to do some research, make some plans, buy some supplements, throw out your harsh cleaners, eat fresh raw veggies, in fact, try something new, get creative, make a simple green smoothie, have fun and LIVE your life healthier.  Do or die.....

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