Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vaccine-Autism link - FACTS

If you ever had ANY doubt that the two are linked, watch this, it will change your life, if you have children.

Just two quotes that stuck with me from this video and they don't even state the crazy statistics he shares:

"If a doctor dropped a vial (vaccine) on the floor, it would be toxic waste, but they are injecting into children"

"Children with milk allergies have problems with excreting mercury"

And one other thing to be aware of, Tylenol reduces glutathione levels which is necessary to excrete heavy metals....there is so much to learn here:


Oh, and if you think mercury has been removed from vaccinations, think again. When an ingredient is reduced to "trace amounts" it no longer has to be listed as an ingredient. I saw a study where the current vaccinations that claimed to be thimerosal free did in fact still contain trace amounts when tested. The trace amounts are still higher than the safe threshold!! And what do you think that does now that it is combined with the newest preservative, aluminum?? Together they are highly reactive. This has all transpired since this video.


Ang said...

Amen sister. thanks for the great post.

Monique Attinger said...

Jessica - great posting... and hopefully a wake-up call for all parents. While modern medicine has been a great thing for humans in general, it doesn't mean that it's infallible. As parents, we really need to take responsibility for our children's health and look carefully at what is being recommended. After all, we and our children will live with the consequences of whatever we do.