Friday, March 6, 2009

When does the guessing end?

It's been a while since I have posted last. We have been trying to figure some things out, going back to basics, so to speak. We started noticing that Grayson's yeast was getting so out of hand, we just couldn't even keep up with the doses of biotin, he was stimming constantly and the emotions, ohhh the emotions!! So we decided to go on a supplement break. And wow, it has done wonders for us! We are getting a much needed break from the constant dosing (every three hours) of supplements and amazingly, he is doing much better without them! There could be a few reasons for this, it could be that by strictly adhering to the diet, we are seeing the results of gut healing or it could be that something in his supplement regimen was causing yeast flare ups, which is more likely the case. When we first started the diet, we saw magnificent strides in him, but they plateaued, then when we added certain supplements and probiotics, he continued to improve, then while we were gearing up for chelation, the sudden downward spiral recently. So for now, we are sticking with some basics, we have increased the probiotics to twice a day (morning and at bedtime) and when I see signs of yeast, I am giving him a No Phenol, biotin and magnesium which is necessary for the body to be able to absorb the higher amounts of biotin effectively. The only problem is that the additional magnesium is causing loose's always something. Unfortunately, by seeing these signs of yeast still, with almost no supplements in his diet to cause flare ups, only reinforces that we are doing the right thing. In the meantime, the strides we are seeing are thorough and complex speech, a much calmer overall personality, happy beyond belief, fewer fluctuations in the emotions, almost no tantrums and outbursts, he is listening well, he is patient and agreeable in many ways. We even had an infraction which involved wheat, lemon, egg, and butter and he didn't skip a beat!! Granted, we loaded him up on enzymes and gave him a bath saturated with epsom salts and baking soda to soak up the toxins, and he has done great!! I have commented on more than a few occasions that when he is like this, he is the PERFECT child!! Knowing that this is possible makes me just want to get through all of this. Unfortunately, that is going to involve supplements that cause more yeast, in order to begin chelation safely, which also causes increased yeast. It just comes with the territory, but now I will reintroduce his supplements one at a time and wait a good week on each one, to watch his reactions and adjust doses as well as the yeast protocol. It looks like we will be putting chelation off just a bit until we get his daily routine in order.

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